At Priddy Books, we publish innovative titles for babies, toddlers and young children. Our brilliantly designed books use simple novelties that spark
children’s creativity and encourage their development.

Behind the books: Photo shoot

We’ve had a busy few months working on Alphaprints, our bestselling series of fingerprint character books. With lots of new books in the pipeline, a photoshoot was in order.

We have a huge image library of photographs and every so often we schedule a photoshoot to add more. For this shoot there was lots of work behind the scenes to set up the inanimate objects that were needed for the new Alphaprints characters.

Alphaprints ABC Cover

Staging the objects on white backgrounds to be shot.

1. Setting up 1. staging

A macaroon caterpillar in the making!

2. Macaroons and string Shot for Priddy Books. 2016

We hope the photography team resisted munching on this tasty-looking cotton candy!

4. Candyfloss clouds

Here are a few of the characters that the new images will be used for . . .

5. Caterpillar complelte 6. Hedgehog 7. Dino

And, the brand new books—­­­out this summer!

You can find all our Alphaprints books here.

Alphaprints Dino US BC.eps  9. Wiggle_Cover




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