travel diary

Tom’s Travel Diary – Scandinavia

I spent two days visiting Scandinavian publishers, travelling between Oslo and Helsinki. It was very, very cold (-12 on one of the days). I was amazed at how much snow there was and how everything still carried on as normal – although pulling my suitcase up an icy hill did pose a bit of challenge.... Read more

Tom’s Travel Diary – Belgium

This week Emma and I took a trip to visit some customers in Belgium. We left London St Pancras early on a rainy January morning and via Eurostar we made it to Brussels before lunchtime. From here we went on to Liege where we visited a customer in the Belgian countryside. We spent a lovely... Read more

Tom’s Travel Diary

As the Priddy Books’ international sales team, Emma and I rack up a fair few air miles every year travelling all over the world to meet with publishers who are interested in publishing our books in their own language. With another big travel year ahead of us, we thought it would be fun to keep... Read more