Alphaprints Sea Life


Alphaprints Sea Life

Alphaprints goes under the ocean to meet 20 fabulous sea creatures—from the tiny seahorse to the big, blue whale—all ingeniously created from embossed fingerprints and photographs of everyday things.

This casebound board book has a creature on each page, with a lighthearted rhyming couplet that tells you something about each character:

Stingray has wings and glides like a plane.
Starfish has no blood or brain!

Alphaprints Sea Life is the latest addition to the Roger Priddy Alphaprints series, which has sold over 1,000,000 copies in the US alone, and is published around the world in 13 languages.

Book details

9.160in x 8.270in x 0.760in

Board book

20 Pages


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