Alphaprints: Trace, Write, and Learn 123


Alphaprints: Trace, Write, and Learn 123

Children will learn to trace and write the numbers 1 to 12 with this clever wipe-clean book from Roger Priddy, appropriate for ages 3 to 6.

Each left-hand page has grooved number shapes for children to follow with their fingertips—a tactile, sensory way to learn each number by memory trace. They can put this memory trace into practice by using the wipe-clean pen included in the book to trace and copy the number outlines on the right-hand, wipe-clean pages.

Use this highly effective book, Alphaprints: Trace, Write, and Learn 123, time and time again to make learning numbers fun.

Priddy's bestsellling Alphaprints are perfect read-aloud books for parents to share with their children and a fun way to help them learn.

Book details

9.750in x 10.000in x 0.590in

Board book

14 Pages


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