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Review: Learn to Write Your First Words

Review by Hannah, Coventry, UK K will be starting big school in September so Learn to Write Your First Words is an amazing book to get him started in the big world of writing. The words are simple with bright illustrations which...

Review: Fuzzy Bee and Friends Cloth Book

Review by Hannah, Coventry, UK J is now nine months old and the different textures and amazing colours in Fuzzy Bee and Friends makes him very excited. He loves that he can sit with his big bro and he can read it. We also have on occasion attached it to our pram so that he...

Review: My Big Word Book

Review by Gemma, Bristol, UK Another fantastic board book from Priddy! This large-size, sturdy board book is packed with the bold colours and photograph pictures that set them apart from the rest. Objects from everyday...

Review: My Giant Fold-out Book of Animals

Review by Reverend Sue, Luton, UK This is one of my grandson Jayden's favourite books he is 3 and a half and I can guarantee that every time he comes round to my house he asks if we can read it together. Not only has he learned all the...

Review: Princess Stories Slipcase

Review by Sarah, Norfolk, UK I managed to look at the books and listen to the CD before Roo claimed the box set for herself. The pages in the books are beautifully illustrated and are bright and colourful. Whilst listening to the CD I loved that the narrator changed her voice to suit the different characters.

Review: Treasure Hunt Counting Colours

Review by Lynn, Tonbridge, UK My daughter has a new obsession... the Counting Colours book by Priddy. A lovely bright book (described as a treasure hunt) keeps her amused again and again. Each page focuses on one colour and has a multitude (55 to be exact) of objects in...

Review: Cheeky Monkey Cloth Book

Review by Alpana, Georgia, USA TigerLily really enjoys cloth books, the crinkly cover, the durable pages that she can play around with, chew on, or just smoosh, open and close again and again. Cloth books are perfect for newborns and up to twenty four months old.

Review: My Giant Fold-Out Book of Animals

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa Imagine a sturdy board book featuring vivid pictures that make animals come to life for your little one. This is exactly what My Giant Fold-Out Book of Animals offers.

Review: Wipe Clean Pen Control

Review by Joanita, Johannesburg, South Africa The first day my 3 year old daughter got this book she sat down and systematically worked through every single page. She traced every line, every picture and every letter. She was so captivated by this book.

Review: Happy Baby Words

Review by Alpana, Georgia, USA We began looking at this book months before TigerLily's first birthday. Even then, the pictures delighted her, especially when I would hold up an item next to the picture of the same item in the book. The pages are...