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Kids love stickers

How do I know that kids love stickers? Well, apart from the 10 million plus sticker books that we have sold over the years, you just have to look at my son Gabriel’s wardrobe!

I have to be honest that I wasn’t that keen on him putting stickers onto furniture, but he pointed out that I was the one that was making them and supplying him. He had a point so we came to an agreement. Yes I know what you are thinking but hey, sometimes it makes life easier to compromise with a strong-willed six year old.

So we agreed that he could decorate the life out of that old wardrobe and would leave everything else alone. My only worry now is that as you can see from the wardrobe, it’s almost entirely covered with stickers and I’m still making and supplying him with them (along with all the others he gets from other sources). So I fear for the rest of our furniture in the future…

I’ll keep you posted, but if I post a picture of one of our dogs covered in stickers you will know that he’s gone too far!

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Chinese New Year

Once a year I travel to Asia to visit some of the suppliers that make our books. The Asian printers we use are the best in the world at producing our type of high-quality novelty books. Their factories are fantastic...

Christmas Ready Steady Cook

We decided to cook our own Christmas lunch this year and sent everybody on a one day Italian cooking course, the highlight being learning how to make pasta – have a look at the Priddy Books team at work in the kitchen. Happy Christmas!

In a jam

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It’s not just Friday, it’s Cake Friday

We don’t just make books, we also make cakes every Friday – each member of staff takes turns to bake them. The problem for me is that I have to cycle to work to keep my weight down, as I have a sweet tooth and always eat too many. My doctor tells me that cycling... Read more

A whale of a time in Ireland

In the summer my family and I went to our house in southwest Cork where, somewhat incredibly, we enjoyed two solid weeks of sunshine. The highlight of the holiday was the local village festival. Killbritain is a small village in Cork, but punches well above its weight when it comes to festivals – every day... Read more

My New York Trip – Part 2

I’ve spent the day wandering around New York looking in bookshops. It was a really hot and sunny day, well into the 70s.  Went to the Museum of Modern Art and Dean & Deluca, the food and kitchenware shop. I also sneaked into the Apple Store to play with the iPads. In the afternoon I... Read more

My New York Trip – Part 1

I’m currently on the 12th floor of the Hotel Roger Williams, enjoying the fact that all the towels, soaps and bathrobes have my name on them! And I can’t help but laugh when the desk staff say welcome back to the Roger, Roger. NYC was 72 degrees and sunny when Claire (our Publishing Director) and... Read more

Summer holidays and new books to enjoy

I have just come back from holiday with my family (and dogs Wallace and Nelly, see pic), where I was lucky enough to have two weeks of sun and sea in Ireland – who said it always rains in Ireland. Perfect to re-charge the batteries and start thinking about new ideas for the future. When... Read more