The Affordable Art Fair

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Pop along to The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, London for walls and walls of cool art to check out and some great activities for kids, too. Kids under 16 get in free and there are all sorts of workshops running from 10th-13th March. Learn how... Read more

Craft activity: paper flowers

Materials 3 x 10-cm wide circles of tissue paper, different colours Cocktail stick Tape 1 bendy drinking straw 1 small piece of yellow tissue paper PVA glue Green paper Double-sided tape How to make it To make one flower, fold each tissue paper circle into quarters, then cut a different pattern around each edge. Unfold... Read more

Pop-up valentine

Materials 1 sheet of blue card Yellow paper black felt-tip pen White paper Silver glitter paper 1 sheet pink card pink glitter paper sparkly gems How to make it Fold the blue card in half. Draw four lines down from the fold, then cut them to make two flaps. Fold these down. These flaps are... Read more