From carnivores to herbivores and giants of the land, skies and seas, dino-crazy kids will have hours of Jurassic fun with this awesome Dino Bites activity book. Did you know that T.rex could eat up to 230kg of meat in one bite? Or that Diplodocus swallowed stones to help mash down food in its stomach because it... Read more

Dinosaur Isle

Here at Priddy Books, we go to great lengths to develop the design and content of our books – whether that means photographing wild animals on safari, testing every recipe in cookery books or, in the case of Smart Kids Dinosaur A-Z, commissioning 26 highly detailed dinosaur models! First published in 2004, Smart Kids Dinosaur A-Z is an alphabetical introduction... Read more

Back to school after Wyoming

We were lucky enough to visit friends in Wyoming in the summer. The state is huge, beautiful and very different from London, with very few people living there. They call it “Big sky country” and I can see why  – you can stand on a hill and see for miles and miles with not a house... Read more