National Science and Engineering Week

This week is National Science and Engineering Week in the UK. TIme to get sciencey! We’ve got some great experiments for you to try with your kids. Make a parachute with a plastic bag, or learn all about layering with liquids. Make sure you find out if there are any sciencey events going on near you too... Read more

Layering liquids experiment

Materials Vegetable oil Water Honey Glass Cork Grape How to make it Fill the glass one-third full of oil. Add the same amounts of water and finally, honey. Leave the liquids to settle for a few minutes – they should form layers in the opposite order to how they were poured into the glass. Drop... Read more

Toy figure parachute

Materials Coloured plastic bag, cut into a 30-cm square sheet 4 x 30-cm long pieces of thread Small toy figure scissors tape How to make it Cut a hole in each corner of the plastic sheet as above. Attach a piece of thread to each hole with a knot. Tie the four ends of thread... Read more