valentine’s day

A little love. . . .

We love chocolate as much as anyone, but how about giving your little loved ones a book this Valentines Day? We have quite a few to choose from! Love You Always is a storybook with a difference. Each page has a heart-shaped hole with shiny foil and glitter decoration. The sweet story about Bear and... Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

How will you be celebrating today? Get your kids involved with these fun activities and treats. Make a last-minute pop-up Valentine, download and print our Valentine’s colouring or why not get creative in the kitchen and treat yourselves to some tasty Valentine’s cupcakes?

Download and print: Valentine’s colouring

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids today by downloading and printing these colouring pages. Just click on the image you’d like to print and get colouring! Why not treat them to some Valentine’s cupcakes, too?

Pop-up valentine

Materials 1 sheet of blue card Yellow paper black felt-tip pen White paper Silver glitter paper 1 sheet pink card pink glitter paper sparkly gems How to make it Fold the blue card in half. Draw four lines down from the fold, then cut them to make two flaps. Fold these down. These flaps are... Read more